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At the Running Store, our staff will guide you through a  fit process that includes:

Developing your running profile

Analysis of the anatomy of your feet 

Treadmill and walk/jog analysis


Step 1: 

We start the fit process by getting to know you in order to recommend shoes that are best suited for you.  We will ask you some questions to build your profile.  A few questions you might hear: 

What type of activity do you do? What shoes are you currently in? What's your history of injuries? What are you training for?

What is your  typical weekly mileage?

What surfaces do you run on? What are your goals? 



Step 2: 

We conduct a walk/jog analysis. This is where one our of trained fit experts will watch and record you walk or run barefoot on a treadmill and on the ground in order to analyze what your feet are doing while you are moving.  We are looking to see if you have a natural pronation/supination of the foot or if you overpronate or oversupinate.  During the evaluation of your motion we may suggest the need for further evaluation using our full gait analysis to help keep you healthy and reduce your chances of injury.  SEE OUR GAIT ANALYSIS PAGE.



Step 3: 

Once we have an understanding of how your foot moves, we’ll perform an analysis of the anatomy of your feet. We’ll analyze your foot length, foot width (at the toe box and heel), foot volume and arch height to get a general idea of the size, width, and style of shoe that may work best for you.

If we found there is no excessive motion we will put you in a neutral shoe to allow the foot to work the way it was intended. 

If we do find excessive motion we will begin to address the motion using a stability shoe to help bring you into alignment. 



Step 4: 

We'll bring out several pairs of shoes, including different brands and styles, for you to try on and test out.  The more feedback that you can provide, the better fitting we can provide through narrowing down the selection.

Now it's time to walk/run in the shoe. 



The shoes are designed to last most people around 400 miles, although this can vary based on the shoe or the person wearing it.



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