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Benefits for Walkers, Runners and Happy Feet

Wearing the right kind of shoes is imperative.  After all, the condition of our feet affects the rest of the body.  

Good shoes should be able to help maintain correct posture.  They should allow for a natural range of motion for the foot.  They should not cause any pain to the ankles, knees, hips, and even the back.

Wearing good shoes can substantially enhance performance.  Whether you are running, walking, or in the gym, a good shoe is a must.  Injury caused by inappropriate shoes can needlessly derail you from your fitness or normal functioning. 

The ideal walking shoe should be stable from side to side, well-cushioned, and it should enable you to walk smoothly.

It's important to remember that every shoe manufacturer uses a different basic shoe shape or "last."  Some lasts are shorter or longer than others of the same size; some fit for a wide foot while others are cut for a slimmer foot.  The heel to toe rise is also a consideration.  

A good pair of running shoes is a must for its midsole foot cushioning, arch support and aiding in the prevention of injuries.

The midsole cushioning is one of the most important benefits of using running shoes, mainly due to its help in reducing the stress placed on the heel, ankles and toes.  Additionally, midsole cushioning helps prevent knee, hip and back pains.

Good arch support also can help prevent injuries including tendonitis and joint pain.

The most prominent benefit of running shoes is that they basically cover all activities.  They are versatile, durable, and functional.

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